Let him follow me.

I can’t help but think of the episode in The Chosen where Jesus calls on Matthew when I read this verse. It is a pivotal point in Matthew’s life. Christ asks Matthew to follow him. Not just follow Him on an errand, or follow Him and learn a few things, but follow him. A phrase that takes on a deeper meaning when the Messiah is involved. It is a complete change of heart, change of mind, a change of life. 

Follow me. Matthew looked at Jesus in disbelief- as if to say, Me Lord?

Matthew’s eyes showed pain and shame as he felt unworthy of such a calling. How could this be? How could the Lord choose Matthew with all of his faults and differences? 

“Yes, Matthew. Follow me.” The call came again.

And with that request, Matthew left his job and his old life- not to mention his old self- behind. Jesus didn’t see Matthew as the others did. He saw him as a blessed child of God who had a divine purpose that many others couldn’t see.

Jesus looks at all of us the same way that He looked at Matthew- with love, compassion, and understanding. With value for who we are as children of God. He looks at us with knowledge of our divine potential and what we can become. 

Jesus gives us the same request. It is just as personal to us as it was to all of the disciples. 

Follow me. 

Have you answered His call?

It is a choice that you will never regret.



Return to Christ 

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