The God of Second Chances.

My heart is full of gratitude this week for all of my many blessings: the love of my husband and family, shelter, thanksgiving leftovers, employment, uplifting Christian music, the clothes on my back, religious freedom, the word of God, the love of a merciful Savior. But this week, I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am for second chances- the fact that we serve a God that does not give up on us when we fail. When we have lost our way, He does not cast us aside. He is a God that finds us where we are, fixes us, and shows us the right way to go. He takes our stubborn hearts of stone and turns them into hearts of flesh.

When you surrender your life to God, He builds you into someone better- one step at a time. The love of God is too transformative to leave you where you are right now. I’ve experienced this miraculous transformation in my own life, and now I’ve seen it happen in others’ lives. It might be painful in the beginning, but it doesn’t stay that way forever. If we continue to seek the Lord in all things, we will be guided and blessed. He makes all things work together for our future- for our benefit.

He is the God of second chances. He will never give up on you, no matter how far you’ve gone. He knows you and loves you- more than you could ever imagine.

I am so grateful for every one of you- I thank you with all my heart for your continued support.

God bless you!

Return to Christ

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