My experiences with crystals and energy healing: a warning.

I’ve been asked to share what experiences I had with crystals while I was involved with the New Age movement. While crystals are beautiful, they aren’t meant to be used as a tool..for anything spiritual. That’s my opinion. They are beautiful, and unique, and fascinating…but that’s it. While I was communicating with and channeling demonic entities(I didn’t know they were demonic) I was instructed by them to use crystals for various reasons. They instructed me to place a specific stone on my forehead to “open” my third eye during meditation. During this process, my head was pushed back and forth so fast that it caused me intense pain. That was one example. Another was the use of Selenite wands. I was instructed to use them to ward off evil spirits. Plot twist: I was already communicating with evil spirits. Selenite wands provided no protection whatsoever from demonic wrath. They provided no healing. I started carrying a bunch of rocks in my purse, and in my pockets. I suffer from chronic illnesses, and I was hoping they would heal me. Nothing miraculous ever came from carrying those rocks.
I was instructed to wear a black tourmaline to protect me from harm. I wore it everyday, and I still got possessed.
I attended Reiki energy healing sessions. The problem with Reiki is that it’s Satanic. The use of a pendulum is Satanic. During a healing session, a practitioner checks “chakras” to see what is out of alignment. The pendulum would indicate what needed to be fixed. Then the practitioner would lay their hands on the problem areas (or above them) for a few minutes. There would be a transfer of energy. When this happened, the area the practitioner worked on would become warm. It is my belief that the demons involved in this ritual were accessing some part of me, taking my energy for their own use. After these treatment sessions, I would have to sit down for 30-45 minutes because I lacked the strength to stand. That’s not normal. Also, it’s a mockery of the laying on of hands, the healing that Christ gave to the sick and afflicted(and possessed!). People get caught up in it because they want to help others, and I totally get it. I wanted to help heal others too.
Muscle testing in various forms isn’t from God either. I practiced it for years. I’d ask a question regarding “trapped” emotions in my body, and my body would move forward or backward in response- but in reality, I WAS BEING PUSHED BY DEMONS. I’d opened myself up to that. It’s also completely inaccurate- I’d ask the same question twice and get different answers each time. I’ve literally paid thousands of dollars to different new age practitioners over the years to help me with my health problems. The first breakthrough I had was after I returned to Christ. I prayed for healing, and my doctors decided to do some blood testing on me. They found severe vitamin deficiencies that they hadn’t found before. I’m currently working on those treatments, and I am gradually improving.
In our desperation for health and healing, we tend to seek out any answer we can find. The problem is that energy healing, while it may seem like an answer for some, is not an answer from God. This post might seem harsh, but it’s the truth. I’ve battled demons. I’ve seen them and felt them. I’ve had part of my energy/light/soul taken from me. They don’t take the bad, they take the good. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It’s not worth the risk. It’s only through the miraculous healing power of the Savior that what was taken from me(and my family) was replaced.

Do not place your faith in rocks, crystals, and pendulums. Place your faith in the rock that is Jesus Christ!
Pray to him for healing, pray to him for answers about your conditions and sufferings. He knows what you are going through. He wants to help. He can help you more than anyone else can. He can guide you to what you need.
God bless,

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